With My Swag All On My Shoulder

Lyrics below :) Drama Group: Actions in italics. Rhythm group: keep the beat with sticks. All are to sing the song together.

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With A Swag All On My Shoulder - Traditional Australian Song

When first I left Old England’s shore (pointing out to sea)
Such yarns as we were told
As how folks in Australia
Could pick up lumps of gold (lift hands in the air)
So, when we got to Melbourne town (pointing out to sea)
We were ready soon to slip (fist pump to side)
And get even with the captain (shake finger, tsk-tsk, as though the audience is in trouble!)
All hands scuttled from the ship (scrub the deck with hands)

(pick up swag/sack/bag prop…)

With my swag all on my shoulder (have sack over shoulder)
Black billy in my hand (hold hand out in fist)
I travelled the bush of Australia (walk on the spot)
Like a true-born native man (muscle pose)

(drop swag/sack/bag prop at feet…)

We steered our course for Geelong town (steer a ship)
Then north west to Ballarat
Where some of us got mighty thin (pencil pose – make yourself as thin as possible)
And some got sleek and fat (spread arms out, bow legs)
Some tried their luck at Bendigo (pretend to dig with shovel)
And some at Fiery Creek
I made a fortune in a day (count all your bills)
And spent it in a week (shrug shoulders)

(pick up swag/sack/bag prop…)


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