Year 6 Thriller Item

Here you will find an mp3 of the song, a video for instrumentals to rehearse to as well as a dancer’s rehearsal video. Note we stop the song just before the spoken voice comes in at the end. I’ve editing the full dancing video to reflect this, so please use this one and not the youtube one to practice to.

Roles are below:

Dancers (7) Instrumentalists (8) Colours for Instrumentalists
Layth Amin Yellow, Green
Hafsa Amer Pink, Orange
Aisha Hassan Pink, Yellow
Hamza Samar Pink, Yellow
Alan Ahzad Yellow, Green
Ivanna Ammar Pink, Yellow
Mallak Yehia Pink, Yellow
Sophie Pink, Orange


Performance date and time TBC.

Mp3 of Song


Rehearsal Video for Dancers


Rehearsal Video for Instrumentalists (Drums, Boomwhackers)

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