Year 5 item “Think Twice”

Dear Year 5,

Please see two versions of the song “Think Twice” below. This song links in with your unit of inquiry, “Media Madness”. We will be performing this song next term in assembly around week 2 inshallah :-)

This is the full version with singing and rap for you to listen to… (and to practice with for homework):


This is a version with no rapping or singing (this will be the backing track for our assembly performance):


Lyrics and actions below. Note these will need to be memorized.


Think Twice by Julieanne Patmore

(with text from “Islam Is Here (Poem)” by Imam Reza (A.S.) Network and “A Poem on the News” by Fred H. Moore)

Verse 1 (rapping) – Actions in italics

If the spiteful come with News Mime reading a newspaper

It is essential to think twice Tap finger on head, then hold out two fingers

Lest you be victim to their ruse Punch palm with hand

Power’s the game and Truth, the price. Muscles on power, cash action on price


Behind the headlines there are people Thumbs pointing backwards

Escaping war and seeking aid Hands in surrender position

Locked up in detention, waiting, waiting Hands out as if in handcuffs

Men, women, children, all afraid Pointing at audience, and fake bite your nails on word ‘afraid’


Chorus (singing) – Clap on beat

Of minds, and decency of Man

To Fellow Man, may well decline

If people fail to understand

That biased News can make us blind


Verse 2 (rapping) – Actions highlighted

Islam is peace, Islam is ease Pump right hand on chest twice, then peace sign, repeat with left hand

We must all help and give to the poor, Cup hands together

Islam is love and prosperity, Make heart shape with hands

We should show care forever more Palms in front, miming giving a gift to audience


Islam is worshiping only the Creator Cup hands on ears

Giving to friends and family Palms in front, miming giving a gift to audience

Islam gives you power and a purpose Right arm muscle on power, left on purpose

It’s for you and it’s for me Point to audience, then self


Chorus x 2 (with “Think Twice” rapping at end of each line) All to clap on beat. First repeat, girls to sing while boys do rapping and tap one finger on head on the word “Think”, then hold out two fingers on the word “Twice”. Second repeat, roles swap (boys sing, girls rap with actions).

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