Own works

Below you can find some recordings of performances of my own compositions through my career.

Popular Music

Leaving Town (Vocals, Synth, 2006)

Magical (Vocals, Synth, 2017)

Sailing (Vocals, Keyboard, Synth, 2010)

Mind and Soul (Vocals, Keyboard, 2006)

Lost In You (Vocals, Synth, 2006)

What Now (Vocals, Synth, 2023 – draft)

Recording quality varies for the examples below, but I hope they will give you an idea of what I have to offer.

Contemporary Classical

Whimsy (Piano, 2021)

Sweet Bitterness (Piano, with Carmen on Cello, 2007)

The Duck and the Dodo (Wind Quartet, 2007)

The Clown (Instrumental Ensemble, 2007)

Two Friends (Piano, Clarinet, 2005)

Intermission (Cello, 2005)

Insignificant Dialogue (Piano, 2004)

Black Rose (Piano, 2003)

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About Mrs Patmore

Music teacher, pianist, composer, sound engineer.