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First 30 minute lesson is free!

Following this, pricing for lessons is as follows:

$35/30 minutes

$70/60 minutes

Pricing for weddings and event packages are negotiable.

Contact me today on 0403 352 727 to discuss anything regarding my rates. Thanks!



“I don’t think I can explain in words how much you’ve helped me. You sacrificed your recess and lunch to help me practice for the musical you taught me how to go low and high and how to control my voice. You helped me find the hidden talents that was still un-found inside me I am very thankful for that because with out that I would’ve doubted myself to this day. You’ve inspired me to become the person I am today which is a humorous patient girl. I try to follow your attitude.” Year 5 performing arts student

“Thanks is not enough when someone cares the way you care. To tell you so you really understand how much it means to have the warmth and encouragement you share. Thanks is only part of all the heartfelt gratitude. Thanks is just a portion of a deep appreciation for sharing so much goodness from your heart. Your kindness is such a source of joy and inspiration for your students and school community at large!” Principal, Australian International Academy Strathfield

“I booked with Mrs Patmore’s music when I needed a pianist for my wedding ceremony and reception. Not only was she very professional and organized whilst booking with but she was very helpful with choosing suitable songs which helped me with the stress I already had with planning my wedding. Not just that though, even the songs I wanted that I had chose myself and asked if she could play them she did and perfectly too which I was happily grateful for as it meant alot to hear them on our special day. I am so thankful I was suggested to her as she really made my day extra special. I would definitely recommend her to everyone I know. She is very talented and a lovely person to deal with. Thank you Mrs Patmore’s Music for help making our day as perfect as it was.” Margaret Giakoumelos


Below you can find some recordings of performances of pieces from a variety of genres and composers throughout my career. Recording quality varies for the examples below, but I hope they will give you an idea of what I have to offer. Thanks for listening!

Excerpt from “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars (Piano, 2021)

An den Frühling Op 43, No 6 by Edvard Grieg (Piano, 2006)

Etude Op.1, No.12 by Franz Liszt (Piano, 2006)

“Romance” from Trois Rag-Caprices by Darius Milhaud (Piano, 2006)

Jeunes Filles Au Jardin by Federico Mompou (Piano, 2006)

III from Five Bagatelles by Carl Vine (Piano, 2006)


Ph: 0403 352 727

Email: teaching@patmore.net.au

Teaching studio located in South Maroota, NSW.

I look forward to hearing from you!


A Snapshot of my Community Theatre Involvement

Firstly, I played Mrs Squires in Hornsby Musical Society’s 2017 production of The Music Man. A review by Sydney Arts Guide is linked here, another one from Hornsby Advocate is below, and some promotional shots with me in character can be also be found below.

In 2016 I was musical director for the fantastic cast and crew of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”, produced by Dural Musical Society. More information and promotional shots can be found here.

I also performed in the chorus in 2015 in Snow White, again produced by the Dural Musical Society. Two of my students were in it too as dwarfs, cute! A review by Sydney Arts Guide can be found here.

Regards, Julieanne

Own works

Below you can find some recordings of performances of my own compositions through my career.

Popular Music

Leaving Town (Vocals, Synth, 2006)

Magical (Vocals, Synth, 2017)

Sailing (Vocals, Keyboard, Synth, 2010)

Mind and Soul (Vocals, Keyboard, 2006)

Lost In You (Vocals, Synth, 2006)

What Now (Vocals, Synth, 2023 – draft)

Recording quality varies for the examples below, but I hope they will give you an idea of what I have to offer.

Contemporary Classical

Whimsy (Piano, 2021)

Sweet Bitterness (Piano, with Carmen on Cello, 2007)

The Duck and the Dodo (Wind Quartet, 2007)

The Clown (Instrumental Ensemble, 2007)

Two Friends (Piano, Clarinet, 2005)

Intermission (Cello, 2005)

Insignificant Dialogue (Piano, 2004)

Black Rose (Piano, 2003)


Okay, time to publish some original work :-)

A recent composition for your analytical ear, “Magical”. Lyrics below. It’s still a work in progress, but I’ll keep at it. It’s been so long since I’ve done a composition just ‘for me’ and not for an external purpose; feels good!

Magical by Julieanne Patmore

Verse 1
Trying to make sense of this new befuddling world
Who am I without prior purpose
Have I lost myself somehow
Conditioned to need something more
Self-imposed demands knocking at my door
But I’ve been this down before
Can I be whole like this
Do I need more
Am I selfish

Sometimes its magical
Sometimes you frown
I tell myself
Don’t let the darkness get you down

Verse 2
Creating life, life’s been taken in a way
But, not gone
Replaced with a new reality
I wish you could tell me what you want
I wonder if you need more
I want to love this
Be fulfilled by this
Be enthralled by this
And sometimes
I am

Chorus x 2

Bridge (instrumental)


National Anthem melody in full (G Major)

This is the melody for the National Anthem melody.

You can play it with one hand (right hand) or both. Both is best for beginners.

If doing one hand, put your left thumb on D (near middle C) and right thumb on E, as below.

keyboard-graphic-2-octaves national anthem one handed thumb start

Click for Part 1


More to come!

Give Me A Home Among The Gum Trees

For a video of the song with lyrics click here

Chorus (singing)

Give me a home among the gum trees
With lots of plum trees
A sheep or two, a k-kangaroo
A clothesline out the back
Verandah out the front
And an old rocking chair.

For the rest of the song, we will just say and tap the following rhythm:

Tahn TahnTahnshhh

“Tahn            Tahn          Tahn       Shhhh”

Do the ‘shhhh’ quietly and do not tap your knees :-) (it means don’t make a sound)

But remember to do the kookaburra singing, just like the song does! :-)


Last Post on Keyboard (truncated version)

Click HERE for Flash Application with Light up Keys and Rhythmic Falling Note Values :)